2016 Overland Fair Australia Prize for NUW Members

Artists and writers, join our community and be a part of setting a new agenda for our future. The best entry from an NUW member will win one of five $4000 prizes. Read about the competition at overland.org.au.

If you are not an NUW member, you must join to be eligible;
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The NUW campaigns strongly in workplaces. The Union also aims to drive progressive political and community change for all working people. Secure, sustainable jobs with dignity come from organising through all these networks – help set a new agenda, one that is about people and not just profit.

Becoming a NUW community member means that you can help build and have a say in our campaign – Jobs you can count on – which is a whole-of-Union and community–based campaign.

  • HAVE YOUR SAY in NUW policy proposals and community actions
  • GET ACTIVE with Union training and community organising
  • SEEK HELP in looking for work in NUW industries
  • LEARN MORE about NUW industrial campaigns

Being an NUW community member means that you support the Union values of: EQUALITY- DIGNITY - RESPECT for all workers.


As a community member, you support NUW industrial members in their campaigns to improve their say in their workplaces.

Whilst having access to NUW resources to help you campaign in your own community, you will also contribute community dues of $50 per annum, which will help the NUW community program grow.

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